Floating Butterfly | Pink and Main

Happy Saturday everyone! How have you been enjoying this release? I find everything completely fabulous, especially the butterfly from the You Can Fly stamp set! I’ve been in a bit of a crafting lull, but playing with this set really brought me back.

I used a bunch of surface inks: Barbershop, Rose Garden, Construction, Street Light, Salon, Skyscraper. I decided to use them unconventionally as watercolors on watercolor paper. It worked perfectly to create a mix of colors to create this butterfly.


I wanted to make a spinner card, but it didn’t work out for whatever reason. Since I already put in so much work, I decided to still move forward and now it’s a floating butterfly card.


I also decided to use the Shades of Spring paper pad for the front of the card panel. I think the pink from the patterned paper ties together with the butterfly.


To check out how I created this card by accident, and how I used the surface inks for this butterfly, check out my quick tutorial on YouTube.

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