Sweet Stamp Shop & Chibi Lights

I personally love interactive cards and am always looking for a way to take my cards to the next level. I’m a huge fan of fairy tales and so I had to use the Hope Princess mixed with Wear a Crown set. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies. Can you guess which?

I actually had a bunch of ideas for this project, but ended up with a pretty simple one. I think it’s amazing regardless. To start, I wanted to draw out a scene to work out with this idea I had.1

Once I had that, I colored it in trying to keep it pretty simple. I have never used Chibitronics but when I opened up the kit, there was a booklet that gives you all the instructions you need for using these lights to create a project. Additionally, they provide two batteries, a handful of different colored lights, and copper wire. The instructions are straightforward with picture examples so it was easy to understand and to follow.


For my particular card, I wanted the rose and the mirror to light up so I got to work on mapping out my layout. I find it super helpful to map out how you want to lay out the copper wire so you know exactly where things need to go instead of repeated trial and error. I mark the lines from the housing and where the positive and negative lines go.


Once I finished planning, I’ll add the copper wire and varnish it to make sure the connection will be smooth. I also try to keep the positive and negative placement close together so the lights can fit perfectly in between. I chose a red light (for the rose) and a white light (for the mirror). They are marked clearly on the sticker as well as the positive and negative side.3

I use two layers of foam tape because the battery housing is about two layers high.4

After that, I attach the card base to housing that holds the Chibi lights and then attach that to a black card base.5

Once you press on the princess, the rose and the mirror light up. I get really giddy every time. I just love how this card turned out.6


Items marked with an asterisk (*) were provided by a store or the manufacturer. All other items were personally purchased.